Diễn Viên Shona River

Shona River

Tall, blonde, and beautiful, Shona River started out as a webcam model when she turned 18 and quickly found she loved showing off her naked body for the world to see. Shona says she was always very sexual, and loved to watch porn while she cammed. While she was dating a guy who wanted to watch porn, it made her think it was a career she wanted to pursue. When a woman contacted her on social media offering her a modeling gig, Shona showed up and quickly realized it was a porn shoot. Instead of balking at the invitation, Shona saw the shoot as a sign that it was time to share her perky tits and round ass with the world! Already a fan of threesomes, Shona has been able to live some of her fantasies on set, but she still has many more to explore!

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